Obama Health Law 'malignant tumor,' Rep. King Says

One of the main functions of the Iowa Straw Poll is rhetorical reinforcement, getting Republican activists bolstered for the fights ahead.

And few people can deliver the conservative message as intensely as Iowa U.S. Rep. Steve King (R), a favorite of the tea party movement as well as religious conservatives that dominate the GOP politics of the state.

“What did Obama do with the change?” King said. “He spent it along with every other dime he could get his hands on, because he is a Kenyesian economist on steroids…He also makes Hugo Chavez look like a piker when it comes to nationalizing American business.”

This was a reference to the bank and auto bailouts.

“Obamacare,” King said, is a “malignant tumor on our society.” The tumor is “going to metastasize as it feeds on your liberty. It’s got to go.”