If all else fails, blame the Democrats

Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett (R) was stung earlier in the summer when he went 0 for 3 on his legislative agenda.

Lawmakers did not pass the plan to fund transportation projects or agree on privatizing the state liquor system; they did not even consider cutting costs in public-employee pensions.

So what’s a governor to do? Initially, Corbett hailed the progress made toward the ambitious agenda items, expressed disappointment that an entire construction season on roads and bridges would be lost, and said he was confident of success in the fall legislative session.

Then, zeroing in on the transportation plan, Corbett started blaming Democrats. In the final frenetic hours of the legislative session, when it was clear that the majority House Republicans did not have enough votes from their own caucus to pass transportation, the chamber’s Democrats decided en masse not to vote for it either.

State Democrats say an effective leader should have been able to get House GOPers on board. After all, the governor's party controls the state House and the state Senate. Corbett says that the Dems sabotaged an important public good to score points.

“There was an understanding that Democrats would help supply some of the votes for that. And at the last minute, they said, ‘We’re not going to vote for it,’ Corbett said Tuesday evening in an interview with WHP CBS21 in Harrisburg.