Christie Wins Pres Straw Poll


New Jersey Gov. Christie won a presidential straw pols among Republican activists and officials over the weekend, followed by former Speaker Newt Gingrich and  former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels.

Of the 196 people who participated in the poll, sponsored by White House 2012, a blog covering the race for the GOP nomination, 19.8% named Christie their first choice. 

In second was former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich with 12.5%, followed by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney  with 9.4% each. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee with 7.3%, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, 6.3%, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty 5.2%, and tied at 4.2% were Texas  Rep. Ron Paul and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Such straw polls are mostly for entertainment, but Anthony Del Pellegrino, publisher of White House 2012, did say the survey "offers a good glimpse of where the energies and enthuisasm of the state's GOP activists lie." Del Pellegrino is an Ocean County resident.

Perhaps it's not surprising Christie won. IF he had lost, it would have been a little embarassing - even though he swears on a stack of bluster that he is not running for president. Second choice among the New Jersey activists, if their first choice does not run: Romney.

Here are the full results.