Your one-a-day gun-away

Ed Rendell thinks we're all a bunch of wussues -- maybe he's right:

This simply drawn, clear legislation would be hard to oppose for anybody who is even slightly reasonable. No one has ever been able to give the rationale that a law-abiding citizen needs an assault rifle or a magazine or clip with more than 10 bullets. A significant majority of Americans agree with banning them. Though doing so would not stop mass murderers, it would definitely limit the amount of carnage they could inflict. Jared Loughner, the Tucson killer, was stopped only when he paused to clear his weapon and put another 30-round clip in. It is absurd to realize that the murderer in Aurora fired 70 shots in under a minute and possessed a 100-bullet magazine.

Requiring a background check before anyone can buy a gun is basic common sense. Without this change, any person - even someone who has been in and out of a mental institution - can get a deadly firearm at a gun show or over the Internet, because these purchasing options are not subject to a background check.

In a recent poll conducted by Frank Luntz, the conservative pollster seen on Fox News, 74 percent of NRA members and 87 percent of all gun owners said they favored such checks' being required.

Meanwhile, the folks from Philly Gun Crisis are here to remind us that Philadelphia is the scene of a gun-related mass killing -- just one that takes place over a longer period of time: