10 things that Americans believe

Look at your calendar, America. It's Jan. 22, 2013, and this is what we believe:

-- Undocumented immigrants should be a pathway to citizenship, not deported.

-- Global warming is a proven fact, caused by human activity.*

-- A woman's right to choose on abortion should be the law of the land.

-- Congress should pass President Obama's gun proposals, including a renewed ban on assault rifles, a ban on high-capacity magazines and stronger background checks.

-- The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth it.

-- Gay marriage should be legal.

-- Marijuana should be legal.

-- Taxes should be increased on the wealthy so they're paying their fair share.

-- Labor unions -- even for government workers -- have a right to bargain collectively.

-- Preserving Social Security is more important than reducing the deficit.

I don't know about you, but I am damned proud to be an American.

* A plurality of 49 percent, versus 24 percent who do not believe in climate change -- all other views are represented by a majority of 51 percent or more.