Like most red-blooded Americans, I've been known to use the phrase "WTF" -- both as an acronym and the full monty -- in casual conversation or places like Twitter, which along with text messaging (which I keep meaning to try one of these days...I'm serious) is pretty much the thing that "WTF" was invented for. I've debated -- inside my convoluted brain -- whether it's appropriate to use it here on a Daily News blog, even as our political leaders give us new reasons every day to ask those three letters. Although I think I broke down once recently, my general policy has been not to invoke the acronym of obscenity, unless we're talking about the Wikileaks Task Force or Winning The Future.

Give credit to our first Twitter (wannabe) president, Sarah Palin. The woman who invented 2010's word of the year, "refudiate," is back to tell America that it's OK to drop the WTF-bomb on national television. So go crazy folks. Go crazy.