'This is just plain wrong'

Outsourcing today to the woman of the hour: The Philadelphia public school teacher:

The trunk of my car is now filled with a carton of paper, pens, lined paper, and copybooks I have bought for my students this September. I have purchased my own projector and speakers for the classroom, and use an old screen that hangs precariously from a ledge.

I am not unique. Most of us see our role as in loco parentis, and we are truly concerned about the welfare of the students in our care. Most of us are also citizens of Pennsylvania, and we pay school and sales taxes just like everyone else. We are also members of the middle class, which continues to see its salaries and opportunities erode. Now we are also to pay for the mistakes of our employers?

I'm not going to re-hash all the bad things that have happened in the last 24 hours, except to say that people who care about the Philadelphia schools have about as many options right now as the Obama administration has in Egypt. Amd the problem is politicians who care more about their own petty little games than about dedicated teacher Christine MacArthur and her students. Shame on them.

Writing an old-fashioned newspaper article, so blogging will be light.