'There is absolutely no plan'

Sarah Palin's resignation tonight -- honestly, it seems like Nixon's resignation didn't get this much coverage -- is a train wreck that could not be avoided, which I guess was her whole intention. I would say of the following quote that truer words were never spoken...

Stapleton said Palin is still deciding what her future will be.

"I cannot express enough there is no plan after July 26. There is absolutely no plan," she told The Associated Press.

Except that truer words were never spoken than these...from Alaska's new governor:

"I'm firmly convinced that Alaska's greatest days are ahead," Parnell said...

And then there's this, from a Palin detractor:

"She turned into a vicious vixen," he said. "She descended into ugly, divisive politics."

I'm sure the reporter misheard him -- he probably uttered this word that rhymes with "viven."