The plot against America

Amazing scoop tonight from Kate Zernike of the New York Times looking at the alarmingly successful so far effort by the billionaire Koch brothers to control life, the universe, and everything:

The Koch network meets twice a year to plan and expand its efforts — as the letter says, “to review strategies for combating the multitude of public policies that threaten to destroy America as we know it.”

Those efforts, the letter makes clear, include countering climate change alarmism and the move to socialized health care,” as well as “the regulatory assault on energy,” and making donations to higher education and philanthropic organizations to advance the Koch agenda.

Did I mention that the Koch family makes its money from the energy business? There's a lot more:

Charles Koch, whose wealth Forbes magazine calculates at about $21.5 billion, argues in his letter that “prosperity is under attack by the current administration and many of our elected officials.” He repeatedly warns about the “internal assault” and “unrelenting attacks” on freedom and prosperity. A brochure with the invitation underscores that to the Koch network, “freedom” means freedom from taxes and government regulation. Mr. Koch warns of policies that “threaten to erode our economic freedom and transfer vast sums of money to the state.”

Bonus math question: How many extra billion dollars would Charles Koch be worth if prosperity were not under attack? Calculators allowed.