The other King who marched: Honoring Veterans Day

Paul Rieckhoff reminds us about another King who marched in America: This time to honor our military veterans:

As vets, we need every American to have our backs. You don't have to be a veteran to support the new veterans movement. Alvin King knew that. He wasn't a veteran and he didn't do it alone. It took an entire groundswell of civilians and veterans alike. It's on each of us to build the movement he started back in Emporia, Kan. and take it all the way around the world. And unlike Alvin, we have social media tools and virtual communities to make our movement that much greater. And this year, it won't take more than a minute of your time to show your support and gratitude to these brave men and women. In just a few clicks you can march with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of American (IAVA) on Facebook or Twitter to show them that we've got their backs this Veterans Day.

It doesn't matter if you voted for the Green Party or the Tea Party, live in Boston or the Bayou; Veterans Day is about uniting as a country and supporting our nation's troops and veterans. We can turn the page on a divided America and unite the country on this important day.

I know Alvin King would be proud.

Say what you will about the Internet/blogosphere, but there are a lot of great and sometimes provocative pieces out there about the true meaning of Veterans Day. I would encourage you to read some of these and reflect:

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