The fire next time


So unless you've been parked under a freeway overpass the last 15 minutes, you've probably heard that the Koran burning is off. Politically, it will be interesting to see if President Obama's strongly worded condemnation this morning had anything to do with the decision. I thought it was somewhat risky for our risk-adverse POTUS to do that, since the odds seemed more likely that this Florida nutjob would have ignored him

That's the thing -- this whole controversy was all about what they used to call back in the 1960s "a lone nut." To me, the real issue for America is can this be a turning point that will cause politicians who are not not nuts but merely manipulative -- yes, I am talking about possible presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin, among others -- to reconsider their encouragement of Islamophobia.

We can only hope.