Thursday, September 18, 2014
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San Francisco masses its troops on the AZ border

San Francisco masses its troops on the AZ border

Here's a further sign of America's pending collapse. In the 1860s, we were ripped asunder by the War Between The States. Now it's 150 years later, and we may have the War Between The State and The City:

"We want to send a message," Supervisor David Campos told a rally on the steps of City Hall Monday morning. "There are consequences when you target a whole people."

Personally, I applaud what San Francisco is doing here, but it also won't make a lot of impact if only one city -- albeit a large one -- takes action. What's more, I think we're clearly seeing the early stages here of a breakdown in federal authority, and the consequences for the United States could be very dire, with the day of reckoning possibly closer than we think. Throughout the red states of the Sunbelt, we have rogue state legislators seeking to test the outer limits of sovereignty on issues ranging from immigration to 2nd Amendment-gun issues to who is qualified to run for president.

Now here's a case of one of the bluest cities in America declaring economic warfare against one of the most red states, and Washington sits 3,000 miles to the East, utterly impotent, the faded capitol of a decaying empire losing its grip on the outlying regions.

One hundred years from now, the next Ken Burns may have a hell of a PBS series about all of this.

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