The Arizona boycott -- even the RNC has joined in


Even the Republican National Committee is boycotting Arizona!

The Republican National Committee's site-selection committee is expected to name Tampa, Fla., on Wednesday as site of the party’s 2012 convention, top Republicans tell POLITICO.

Did Tampa win, or did Phoenix lose?

Um, have these people ever been to Florida in late August? I don't think the weather is a factor -- at least in Phoenix the humidity isn't also 110. The reality is that Arizona is beginning to see there's a price for enacting ill-conceived racial profiling laws -- not getting the RNC will cost the Phoenix economy tens of millions and valuable exposure.
Actually, the RNC was dealt a bad hand period. In Salt Lake City, the GOP has been taken over by the extremists who ousted traditional conservative Robert Bennett, while Florida -- always a presidential swing state -- the delegates may be greeted by the state's junior senator, independent Charlie Crist. But even that possibility was better than endorsing the failed state of Arizona.