The last time...

...the Phillies won their first three games at home, they were playing in this place. Hopefully,  the 2011 Phils will outperform the 1970 version.

Of course they will. This weekend's sweep of the Astros was powerful evidence that Phillies fans can not worry and be happy, at least for now. The bottom line is that the dropoff from Chase Utley and Jayson Werth to Wilson Valdez and Ben Franscisco -- both of whom contributed key hits this weekend -- isn't nearly as bad as the upgrade from Kyle Kendrick and Jamie Moyer in your season-opening rotation to Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt is good. The only real trouble spot that was exposed this weekend was the 7th inning without Brad Lidge in the mix,  but hopefully that can be solved by a) trial and error of different combos or b) a mid-season trade or c) a call-up of promising prospect Michael Stutes.

Otherwise, the Phillies and their fans can probably sing this: