UPDATED: Rooting for a couple guys named Larry and Bruce

Yes, I'm rooting for the Arizona Cardinals -- and hoping the first Larry and then Bruce will make the next four hours entertaining.  As I write this, the Cardinals may be getting some life from a goal line stand and a successful challenge (it's 3-0 Steelers).

Springsteen song predictions: "Born in the USA," "Working on a Dream," "Born to Run," "The Rising." Yours?

You're probably not here, but if you are, discuss the game... and the Springsteen.

UPDATE: Well, that was the best 12-minute rock concert I've ever seen. OK, it was a little over-the-top campy at times, but hey, it's the Super Bowl, you know. (As you can see I went 2-for-4 on the song set...."Glory Days" was my No. 5 choice, honest :-) )Good move to keep it short on the new CD, although "Working on a Dream" may yet grow on me. Two songs from the "Born to Run" album -- this guy knows where his bread is buttered. So who was that blonde playing guitar next to Patti?

Apparently there's a football competition as well. Arizona...oy. That 100-yard INT return by Steelers' James Harrison really was one for the ages. I think Warner & Co, have one comeback left in 'em, however..

UPDATE II: What a finish! That was "the greatest Super Bowl ever" -- the third one in the last decade. The Harrison run, Warner and Fitzgerald, and finally that unbelievable pitcture-perfect catch by Holmes to win it. Well, my designated team for the night lost in the end, but I did receive some partial vindication -- for writing this last week:

I like rooting for an underdog, and here's a franchise that hasn't won anything since '47 -- that's pretty "under." More importantly, the Cardinals have been playing the most exciting football around for the last month. Since I can't watch my fantasy of a Bruce Springsteen concert wrapped inside an Eagles' world championship, I'll settle instead for three hours of the electric Larry Fitzgerald.

These cynics putting the game down are the same folks who thought it was a joke that the St, Louis Rams and the Tennessee Titans were in the Super Bowl, right up until the kickoff of one of the greatest games (and greatest final play) in NFL history. They're also the same people who told us don't even bother watching the lowly Giants up against the invincible Patriots this time last year.

You know what: Shut up and watch the freakin' game. If you're right (for once) and it really does stink, you have five long months to write about it.