No blood in ants

If you care, good piece on myths about the future of journalism in the Washington Post.

One thing I can tell you from working at an actual newspaper, is that the mental focus is still heavily on the print edition over online -- perhaps, surprisingly, even more so than it was a couple of years ago. One reason for that is noted in the linked article: Print still provides the lion's share of revenue for an organization like this one.

Isn't that a "suicide pact," as young web-only readers grow up and old print-only readers die off? Um, yes -- but in 2011 no one I work with seems to care. I do think newspapers will stay around for a while by raising the price (as the Daily News recently did, from 75 cents to a $1), getting more revenue from circulation and less from ads, and becoming niche publications. Is that unfair to lower income readers? Yes, and hopefully someone will solve that problem...assuming they solve all the other ones.