I hope Rush Limbaugh lives to be 115 in excellent health...

....because a) like Harry Truman said famously, it's a damn shame when anybody dies and b) I think Limbaugh should stick around for a half-century to understand the full impact of his noxious ideas and to watch as America overcomes them, as it always does. I also think Dick Cheney should enjoy long life and good health -- so he can be properly tried as a war criminal at some future date, so there.

As for Wanda Sykes, if you can't make fun of Rush Limbaugh -- Rush Limbaugh! -- without invoking 9/11 or wishing for his demise, you are one lousy comedian. The White House isn't pleased with her kind of humor, and neither was I, because we all have more important things to bloviate about. I will say this, and that is that inappropriate humor is far, far worse, to paraphrase Richard Nixon, when the president does it.

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