Great rock songs of the 2000s -- uh, were there any?

In my limited free mental time, when I'm not worrying about Chase Utley's batting slump, I've been pondering this question...Great rock or even pop songs from the 2000s. As in, are there any? The answer, or course, is yes -- I'll hold back on a few obvious choices for now, but are there a lot of them. I used to think there weren't any great rock songs of the 1990s, but over time I've come to change my mind. (For example, this, this, and this, and of course the one that always makes every list.)

What got me thinking about the 2000s? It started when I heard yet another car ad on the radio with a blatant rip-off/slight variation on "Clocks" by Coldplay, which may not be the greatest song of the decade but is surely the most copied. Also this week, watching the Euro 2008 soccer on ESPN2 (one of the joys of working from home), I've was amazed to see a stadium full of 50,000 people over in Switzerland, chanting the famous guitar riff from this all-American classic of the 2000s (video below) -- something you would never see in the United States.

So, any great songs from the Decade That Has Not Been Named that you think I'll still be listening to in the assisted-living place 30 years from now? Discuss.

For your consideration...