GOP finds Obama's weak spot: He refuses to start World War III

I can't think of anything more dangerous than playing politics with the situation with Israel and Iran's nuclear program. Maybe that's why I'm not a Republican presidential candidate:

Now, Republicans appear eager to use the administration’s wariness of an Israeli strike on Iran to paint Mr. Obama as a reluctant supporter of Israel’s security. Mr. Obama won more than three-quarters of the Jewish vote in 2008, according to exit polls, but Republicans hope that attacks on his support of Israel could both appeal to Jewish voters — a small but important constituency, especially in some swing states, like Florida — and to other voters who are committed to protecting Israel.

I guess it's a classic case of "on one hand, on the other hand." One one hand, a military strike against Iran -- without fully playing out other, less apocalyptic options -- could lead to a wider a conflict that could destablize the entire region (most notably Iraq, finally somewhat stable after considerable lives lost and dollars spent) and cause gazillion-dollar-a-gallon gas that could cause a new recession, among many bad outcomes. On the other hand, a rigid pro war stance is worth a few extra votes in Boca.

Give me a break.