Covering the sordid tale surrounding the New Black Panthers

From Eric Boehlert:

I was serious last week when I wondered what would happen if the White House were currently occupied by the first Jewish president and his hardcore partisan critics spent their days and nights broadcasting trumped-up allegations about how the president hated Christians. I still  think there's no way the Beltway press corps wouldn't considers those kinds of allegations to be newsworthy, not to mention deplorable. 

Rather than doing the right thing today, however, the press has taken a pass and pretended the hysterical, relentless race-baiting that's going on in the GOP press isn't newsworthy, let alone unprecedented, or deeply troubling.

The media silence is deafening and depressing. And trust me, the folks at Fox News get the message: Full steam ahead!

More on this next week, as vacation time is over. Have a great weekend.