Breaking news: A person who has once fired a gun can still support sane gun laws

President Barack Obama says that skeet shooting is a popular sport at Camp David, which makes the president a complete and total hypocrite...assuming that one of his common-sense guns measures is an executive order to ban all skeet shooting (was it?...there were a lot of them).

On the other hand, I don't think Obama said anything in his recent interviews about his habit of firing assault rifles, or shooting skeet with high-capacity magazines, or anybody dodging a background check to get those skeet-shooting guns. Because no one needs an assault rifle or a high-capacity magazine for skeet shooting...or hunting small varmints, or, realistically, to protect one's home in most typical cases. That's why these are called "common-sense gun laws," because they're meant to thwart criminals -- while preserving the 2nd Amendment.

But, no, this is suddenly a meme on the far right, that Obama is a hypocrite because there's a picture of him with a Super Soaker (hey, males like to fire off long pointy things -- go figure! -- so isn't a Super Soaker better than a Bushmaster .223?) or beacuse the mayor of the city that was attacked on 9/11 has armed security guards? The childish vapidity of all this is stunning -- a powerful tale of how the "emperor" of the NRA and its allies have been exposed as wearing no clothes, and now have nothing to say but "na na na boo boo."

How embarrassing for them.