Another reporter sees through 'The Naked Guv'

I would say that great minds think alike, but I shouldn't really elevate myself to the level of Donald Gilliland of the Patriot-News in Harrisburg, who did an awesome job in ripping apart the Tom Corbett radioactive water press conference I told you about yesterday. He goes on to make some great points about the radioactivity that Corbett's so concerned about (harmless dispersed fallout from Japan) and the kind he apparently could care less about, from his fracking billionaire natural-gas campaign donors:

After the Times report, former DEP Secretary John Hanger called for the immediate testing of public water supplies in Pennsylvania.

Hanger said he thought the volume of water in the rivers would have quickly diluted the radioactivity to safe levels, but testing would be the only way to be sure drinking water was safe.
Corbett, however, remained silent.

The DEP did release the results of water-quality monitoring in seven streams around the state that showed Radium-226 levels at or below normal.

There was no gubernatorial news conference.

One month after the Times report, the state has yet to report any order for public drinking water systems to test for Radium-226 — or any results.

Several water companies announced they were doing it voluntarily.

When asked about the disparity on Monday, Corbett said, “I’m not here to address Marcellus, sorry.”

Check out the whole thing.