And here you thought this was a do-nothing Congress!

My congressman, Pat Meehan, seems like a nice enough chap, the kind of politician that -- if I may be allowed to coin a new phrase here -- you'd like to have a beer with. Had he been elected to Congress 40 years ago, my sense (and I could be wrong, I often am) is that he's be an ultra-moderate, Rockefeller-style middle-of-the-road Repuiblican. However, he was elected in 2010, the year of the Tea Party, and so instead he spends most of his day doing things like voting repeatedly repeal Obamacare, even as some of his constituents are finally gaining health insurance. He's fully earned his share of the blame for some of the least productive sessions in Congress in American history.

But no more!


Here, in its entirety, is press release sent out today by the Delaware County rep, a press release that may go down in the annals, if you will, of congressional press releases:

WASHINGTON, DC — Chagrined House Democrats today abruptly withdrew their demand for a recorded vote on an amendment to prohibit taxpayer dollars from being spent on renovations of the White House Bowling Alley.

The amendment, introduced yesterday by Rep. Patrick Meehan (PA-07), passed the House after Democrats on the floor sought unanimous consent to withdraw their request just minutes before the vote was due to begin.

“Turns out defending upgrades to the White House bowling alley is tougher than a 7-10 split,” Meehan said. “No matter how many zeroes are attached to a dollar figure, Washington should spend hardworking taxpayers’ money wisely or not at all, and I’m glad the House stopped this gutter ball.”

Translated: Pat Meehan can't prevent the scourge of expanded health coverage, but he can sure deliver a strike -- OK, well, maybe make that a spare -- against the tyranny of taxpayer-funded bowling at the White House. Well played, congressman. See you again in a couple of years.