Actually, this isn't from the last scene of 'The Blues Brothers' movie

I'll bet they never catch Jake and Elwood before they save the orphanage!

Wait, what? Oh, this is from what prompted one of the world's great newspapers to write "Welcome, NATO, to Chicaho's police state":

[T]his police state serves, in reality, as our new welfare state. The security mania represents our truly unique way of stimulating the economy, of employing piece labor, of creating government jobs and subsidized contracts. Just think of the amount of overtime pay that we are disbursing with all this policing. Instead of investing in schools and education, in job training, or in re-entry programs, this is how we invest in our future. And we never think of it as government welfare because it falls in that sacred space of security – because, essentially, of the American paradox of laissez-faire and mass punishment.

Third, and finally, all of this is, sadly, here to stay. Nato will come and go, but the new anti-protest laws, the new riot-gear, the two LRAD sound cannons, and all the normalization of this police state … that will be with us for a long time.

Well, at least it's American exceptionalism...