A candidate for president is not telling the truth

President Obama's "dead innocents":

A new report published by the international law clinics at New York University and Stanford grapples with dead innocents. But it also highlights interviews with people living through the drone strikes in Pakistan's tribal areas. They are human reminders that America's drone campaign affects not only those hit by missiles, whether rightly or wrongly, but also innocents all around them.

Our drones are attacking the community where they live.

The American public is told by the Obama Administration that drone strikes are surgical. Precise. That they "limit collateral damage." And that civilian casualties are rare. Is that the truth?

Does it adequately capture reality?

You should read the whole story, but the answer, clearly, is 'no.' A lot of innocent people who have nothing to do with al-Qaeda and who weren't anti-Anerican -- but may be now, now that their house had been blown up -- are living in terror over this. Meanwhiile, Mitt Romney remains desperate for something he can use against Obama.

Uh, hello?