Ode to the sea


Still California dreaming. But back here tomorrow.

In the meantime, here's a Robert Frost poem about the Pacific Ocean, full of late-1930s portents. (Hat tip to my friend Peter Landry.) If you're not into poetry, no need to tarry.

The shattered water made a misty din. 
Great waves looked over others coming in, 
And thought of doing something to the shore 
That water never did to land before. 
The clouds were low and hairy in the skies, 
Like locks blown forward in the gleam of eyes. 
You could not tell, and yet it looked as if 
The shore was lucky in being backed by cliff, 
The cliff in being backed by continent; 
It looked as if a night of dark intent 
Was coming, and not only a night, an age. 
Someone had better be prepared for rage. 
There would be more than ocean-water broken 
Before God's last 'Put out the Light' was spoken.