Canada embraces Israel

Speaking to the Israeli Knesset on what is Martin Luther King Jr. day in the States (Rev. King was a Zionist, which means those who believe the Jewish people are entitled to a homeland) Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper laid down a gripping declaration of why Canada does, and the West should, embrace the Jewish state.

Mostly, it was a shared belief in justice, freedom and democracy, something absent in the rest of the Middle East (and much of the world).

Importantly, he connected actual anti-Semitism to those who deride Israel (and Israel alone) for its short-comings, a tactic used by the Boycott, Disinvest and Sanction crowd.

Fair criticism of Israeli policy is one thing -- criticism of policy even comes from within Israel. But segregating Israel for special censure while ignoring far worse violators is something else, and it has a name: anti-Semitism.

This is an uncompromising statement much stronger than anything the American president has said.

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