Race Baiting

Jack McMahon, attorney for accused baby-killer Kermit Gosnell, says the state's prosecution is "elitist" and "racist."

A former assistant district attorney, McMahon is a good man and a ferocious defender, but...

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Racist? The prosecution is brought by D.A. Seth Williams. The last time I looked, Seth was black.

Samuel Johnson said, "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."

Today, that would be "racism." Not to say there is no racism, just not everything criticizing non-whites is racist.

In a few hours, Philadelphia Magazine editor Tom McGrath and writer Robert Huber willl be at my offices for a re-education session with the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists, to discuss the infamous "Being White in Philly" cover story. I will try to attend.

I'm sure it will be civil and I'm almost sure nothing will come out of it.

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