After 16 years and 36,000-plus blankets, Janet Geissler is leaving nonprofit Project Linus, which supplies free handmade blankets to hospitalized children.

Haddonfield man’s mission is a gift to veterans

Scott "Bull" Durham has gifted more than 5,300 military veterans or their families with custom-engraved utility knives in honor of their service.

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They’re divorcing. They’re still good friends. How did the Weidners do it?

A new route for divorce — collaborative divorce — can dissolve a marriage in a year or less and can help eliminate the bitterness and cost of the process.

Penn’s female rowers have a new teammate. She’s 10.

Through Team IMPACT, Keira McGrenehan has found hope, fun, and encouragement on Penn's women's rowing team while she battles a painful disease.

Meet Philly’s random actors of niceness

Christian Crosby and Ashley Kane are making kindness cool with a booming social media platform and an apparel line supported by the Sixers Innovation Lab.

Basketball fire still burns in the Arizin family, on and off the court

Loud and proud, the sons and grandsons of Philly basketball great "Pitchin' Paul" Arizin honor his legacy at every St. Joe's Prep game.

Love under the El: Caring in Kensington for 50 years

Each week at the Kensington Storefront, neighborhood natives Bea and David Kelley — who celebrate their 50th anniversary on April 19th — inspire others with the love that brought them together.

Varsity letter is old hat. Now it’s cool to letter in community service.

In Minnesota, some schools are honoring community service with a varsity letter.

For this group, ‘welcoming the stranger’ means teaching English and citizenship — for free

Welcoming the Stranger teaches students from 104 different countries, people as young as 18 and as old as 92.

Hosting hope: Bala family opens home to Carolina couple with sick child at CHOP

Page Talbott and Jim Gould have become like kin to Adayna and Justin Commodore and their children.

National NBC news star Kristen Welker is still a Philly girl

Philly native and NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker makes her city proud at the annual luncheon she used to attend with her mom.

Can ‘Steve the Animal’ beat ‘Bill the Beast?' Arm-wrestling star makes comeback to aid kids

Does Steve "The Animal" Walker have what it takes to topple Bill "The Beast" Runkle?

ReadUp: Life, warts and all

While looking for peace in dire circumstances, Laurada Byers found purpose.

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