An unexpected and very happy reunion reminds a social worker why she loves what she does

The woman was a young mother without any supports. What were the odds she'd get past her challenges?

The UpShot: Want to dance on water? You’ll have to practice

The Trisha Brown Dance Company will perform in unexpected places in September - including the Discovery Center's reservoir.

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How The Inquirer helped save over $10,000 for consumers — and what you can do to protect yourself

Don’t be afraid of going up the chain of command. Some consumers have had surprising luck in directly emailing a company’s CEO.

How this Upper Merion basketball coach got her players back to the court after they were in a serious car crash

When Jenna Foster and Ty’meriah Stanton were critically injured in a crash last summer, coach Leah Shumoski was a constant source of motivation. The accident “seems like it was years ago now,” says Shumoski. "The fact that they’re sitting here talking to you, it’s hard to believe still.”

WMMR’s Kathy Romano leads these do-gooders by a hair

A roundup of locals doing good and making us proud

Montco Special Olympics gets a big surprise

The group will receive $100,000 thanks to a crowdsourcing charity campaign.

A former hospital nurse recalls the day she went to the mat for a dying man and his family

When she realized that a patient would likely die on her shift, she fought hospital administrators to allow the man's family to stay with him.

He’s a prince: After years of searching for family history, Camden Catholic grad discovers royal ties to Africa

When Rev. Jay Speights traveled to the kingdom of his ancestors, he was treated to a welcome-home celebration.

This 60-year-old Philly grandmother lived in the dorms at Cheyney. Now she’s the Class of 2019 valedictorian.

A Southwest Philadelphia grandmother lived in the dorms at Cheyney University, and she was a star. On Saturday, she will achieve her dream of a college degree and graduate as valedictorian, a poignant story for the nation's oldest historically black college, fighting for its survival.

The man who made the most iconic billboard off I-95 has welcomed strangers into his house for more than a decade. You're invited, too.

You know Jacques-Jean Tiziou as the artist behind the enormous mural that graces the side of the airport parking garage. But West Philly knows him as JJ, the guy who's opened his living room to community concerts for more than a decade.

The Florentine Lions will soon roar back into the spotlight at the Mann Center

After languishing near Crawford Circle for nearly 15 years, the 172-year-old pair of Florentine Lions are getting a much-needed facelift.

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