Portable animal-shaped electronics are all the rage among kids — and kids at heart.

The penguin, goldfish, monkey, panda, and other zoological Bluetooth speakers from My Audio Pet can boom surprisingly big sound for such tiny audio devices (about the size of a golf ball). The colorful creatures have a power button on the bottom that pairs with cell phones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices and multiple little holes in their heads for belting out whatever’s streaming.

These little guys have a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that charges via an integrated micro USB port (24-inch USB to micro USB cable included). An LED indicator light and chimes show the animal is up and running — about four continuous hours on a charge — and there’s a built-in microphone for phone calls. The power button can also be used to activate a cell phone’s camera function for selfies on the go.

My Audio Pets are available in 17 big-eyed animal shapes and include a lanyard for hitching a ride on backpacks, belt loops, or wrists.

My Audio Pet Animal-Shaped Wireless Bluetooth Mini Speakers are about $30 at myaudiopet.com.