ESPN had an unwelcome visitor at the company’s Bristol, Conn., headquarters Tuesday morning.

A turkey vulture crashed through the window of First Take host and resident talking head Stephen A. Smith, according to ESPN Radio host Trey Wingo.

“So a turkey vulture has crashed through a window into the office of one @stephenasmith here on campus... and is currently sitting in there staring out the window contemplating his fate,” Wingo wrote on Twitter Tuesday morning.

According to Wingo, the bird survived the crash, and Bristol Animal Control was called in to remove the vulture. Jerry Mailhiot, an ESPN Radio producer, snapped some photos of the damage to Smith’s office.

Smith wasn’t inside his office when the vulture crashed through (one of the benefits of hosting multiple shows and popping up on countless programs). But the former Inquirer columnist hopped on Twitter to joke about the incident.

Of course, the incident opened up the floodgates for more mockery of Smith, who has been the target of criticism over several recent flubs he’s made on the air. Earlier this month, he mistakingly stated Washington Redskins punter Tress Way played quarterback last season (Way threw a pass on a fake punt against the Eagles in Week 17). Last week, he was corrected on air by a colleague when he thought Upper Darby native Mike Scioscia was still managing the Los Angeles Angels (Scioscia stepped down following the 2018 season).