This morning, SportsRadio 94 WIP fleshed out all sorts of details about its annual poultry gorge-athon.

Prizes will be doubly generous with prizes on Jan. 31, since it's Wing Bowl 22.

Tickets for the Wells Fargo Center event will go on sale Dec. 10.

And for the first time ever, Wing Bowl will have a college division, with the top collegiate eater collecting a car.

Morning Show host Angelo Cataldi also appealed for prospective contestants to start proposing stunts, since a late Thanksgiving and an early Super Bowl mean less time to qualify.

Mostly, he focused on what he called the "sensational" prizes, worth "way over $100,000 for eating chicken wings or dressing in a thong."

The top prize will be a record $22,000, "more than any prize in cash in the history of competitive eating in the world," Cataldi declared.

It tops the old prize of $20,000, which was also the amount won by Joey Chestnut in July in winning the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island.

Two cars -- Chrysler 200s -- will be awarded to the top local eater and the top college eater.

Two motorcycles will go to the top Wingette and to the winner of another category yet to be determined.

The procession of pageantry that precedes the event will result in six Punta Cana vacations for two going to the top entourage. (See full Wing Bowl prize list.)

More details about the ticket sale should be released later this week, according to spokeswoman Cindy Webster.

Unclear is whether the event will again be televised on pay-per-view.

Within minutes of the announcements, "Uncle Rico" became the first to propose an eating stunt -- 100 pieces of sushi in 10 minutes.

After some debate, cohost Al Morganti, originator and commissioner of Wing Bowl, ruled the time will be decided after they get to see the sushi.

Soon, a pecan pie eating contest started to take shape, with a Wing Bowl berth going to the guy who can finish two off the fastest on Wednesday morning.

It's two pies, of course, in honor of Wing Bowl 22.

Wing Bowl 21 was won won by Jamie "The Bear" McDonald of Granby, Conn., who wolfed down  287 wings, edging three-time champ Jonathan "Super" Squibb, who ate 282.

WIP is still updating its Wing Bowl 22 website.

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