Despite finding life in the second half, the Union dropped a 3-0 loss to the New England Revolution on Saturday in the team's third straight loss on the road, moving them to 1-8-3 on the road this season.

The Revolution dominated the first half, controlling the pace of the game and retaining the majority of possession. Despite building a series of crafty build-ups, however, the team struggled to get the ball in the box as the Union backline remained strong for a time. That finally broke in the 38th minute with a goal from Kei Kamara, who proved to be a thorn in the side of the Union throughout the night. A ball was chipped into the box, seemingly too high to play, but Kamara leapt into the air, stretching his foot above his shoulders to tip the ball into the net.

The high-flying goal gave the Revolution a 1-0 lead and forced the Union to adopt more urgency in their pace of attack. Although the Revolution continued to control the game in the first half, the Union entered the second with a high-energy intensity similar to that seen in the second half of the team's matchup with Columbus on Wednesday. The frantically fired shots on frame and controlled possession handily.

The best chance of the night for the Union came from Oguchi Onyewu in the 69th minute. Onyewu took a header off a curling corner kick, weighting the ball perfectly so that it arced over the fingertips of the goalkeeper before dropping toward the net. But it was Kamara, again, who thwarted the Union from tying the game. The forward made a leaping header to save the ball off the line, earning gasps from the crowd as the dangerous ball lofted away.

Yet just as the tide seemed to be turning for the Union, the Revolution began to crack their momentum. In the 85th minute, Kamara found the back of the net for the third and final time of the night on a breakaway. He streaked to the box as the Union struggled to collect themselves, striking a quick pass into the corner and just past the reach of goalkeeper John McCarthy.

Juan Agudelo fired the final blow against the Union in the 89th minute, leaping over Raymon Gaddis to knock in a header on a fast break. The Revolution rode out the 3-0 lead, handing the Union its seventh road loss of the season.