The "Blue x White Scrimmage" at the Palestra on Sunday will signify the end of training camp for the Sixers, and everyone will have his own agenda for the day.

Most significant will be what head coach Brett Brown takes away from seeing his team in a competitive game atmosphere, and how he will use the entirety of training camp to inform the rotations for preseason and in turn, the regular season.

"I've already learned a lot in the last four days about pairings and positions and so on, and I feel like we're going to learn even more when you can play a game," Brown said Friday. "I feel like we have six opportunities before we open up — the Palestra being one of them — to learn as best we can how to start this team, end this team, and sub this team."

Though there will be divided teams and different starting groups, Brown said the scrimmage should not be seen as the blueprint for the regular season's lineups.

"It's not something that people should read into too much. You're going to see a bunch of different combinations and we're going to see some different things."

A number of uncertainties remain where rotations are concerned, but Brown isn't in a rush to make decisions. On the other hand, he also said that at the forefront of his mind is figuring out how to correctly use all of the weapons on his team.

For the players, the expectations for Sunday vary.

Jahlil Okafor, who participated in five-on-five action Friday for the first time since last season, fully expects to play Sunday and will be looking to make the most of the opportunity.

Okafor said he was looking forward to "getting back into game flow, and trying to get back into rhythm playing five-on-five."

Ben Simmons, who has been heralded as a standout throughout the offseason and training camp, is trying to continue creating chemistry on the court with his teammates.

"[We want to] go out there and learn from each other but also have fun. It's one of those games where you're trying to win but obviously you want to get better as a team," Simmons said.

The open practice will be the public's first opportunity to see the team in action and get a glimpse of what to expect this season. It's not going to have the same competitive feel as a regular-season game, but showcasing the abilities of the team is a priority for Robert Covington.

"We're not going to do nothing too crazy because we still have to make sure we monitor guys," Covington said. "But most of all we just want to give fans a show of what's upcoming this year."

The Sixers will start their five-game preseason run at home Wednesday against the Boston Celtics.