If the pain of Markelle Fultz missing the majority of the season with a mysterious shoulder injury and shot issue still lingers, you may want to sit this video out.

If you can laugh at that pain, Bleacher Report's 'Game of Zones' YouTube series put Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz in its crosshairs with a sketch featuring the top rookies of the 2018 class playing "NBA 1K," a archaic board game iteration of the video game NBA 2k18.

Donovan Mitchell taking jabs at Ben Simmons for not shooting jumpers, and Markelle Fultz cowering behind a chair because he's "not ready" to play are at the beginning of the video. Fultz, finally mustering up the courage to shoot the dice in the board game, promptly breaks Joel Embiid's character's face.

You can watch the video below: