The 76ers, who drew criticism from those wanting them to finish with a poor record so they could get a high draft pick, slipped another spot in the first round after a coin flip yesterday in New York.

The Sixers will likely have the 12th pick in the first round, after having lost the coin toss with the Indiana Pacers, who, like the Sixers, finished with a 35-47 record. That is one spot higher than the Sixers selected last season.

By losing the flip, the Sixers have seven chances out of 1,000 - one fewer than the Pacers - to draw the No. 1 overall pick in the May 22 lottery. They have a slightly better chance to win the second pick.

The Sixers have two more picks in the first round: the 21st choice, which originally belonged to Denver, and the 30th, once owned by Dallas. They obtained both selections in the Dec. 19 trade that sent Allen Iverson to the Nuggets.

The Sixers also own a pick in the second round by way of New York. Depending on the lottery draw, the Sixers will select the 38th, 39th or 40th player overall.- Joe Juliano