When Andrew Bynum talks it makes news and when he doesn't speak, it also finds its way into the headlines.

Bynum was supposed to give a progress report to reporters before Tuesday's game with the Orlando Magic at the Wells Fargo Center.

With the usual large weekly crowd waiting by his locker, Bynum never appeared.

The Sixers said he would likely speak after Friday's practice. There is no practice tomorrow.

Bynum has been giving these weekly updates for nearly two months on a Monday or Tuesday.

Here is the gist of the news "the left knee hurts, the right knee feels fine and there is progress."

The Inquirer's John Mitchell last week reported that Bynum had scrimmaged with the team on Friday, a new development

Coach Doug Collins confirmed that fact and said his center looked like "somebody who hadn't played in nine months."

Now everybody is looking forward to get Bynum's view.

Or are they?

There is a certain amount of Bynum fatigue, but it remains the No. 1 story of interest for those who care about the Sixers eventually being competitive.

What is sad is that a few minutes from Bynum each week has created more interest than the team on the court.

That's because the fate of the franchise will be determined by his health and his willingness to remain with the Sixers.

Those who say don't re-sign him, aren't being realistic. The Sixers gave up Andre Iguodola, Nik Vucevic, the draft rights to Maurice Harkless and a protected first round pick as part of the four-team trade to acquire Bynum. In addition, the Sixers also received Jason Richardson, who is now out for the season after left knee surgery.

Bynum is an unrestricted free agent after the season. If the Sixers don't re-sign him, they would have given up four valuable pieces, including the draft choice, for extra cap space and Richardson.

What free agent difference maker would sign with the Sixers?

No, the Sixers have to be all-in with Bynum.

That is why the charade of these weekly updates will have to keep going on.

We'll all be waiting on Friday.