APPARENTLY MITCH Williams and Lenny Dysktra aren't teeming with love for one another.

The former Phillies were attending autograph-signing events at the Granite Run Mall - along with former teammate Darren Daulton - on Saturday when they ran into each other.

According to several online reports, Dykstra and Daulton were chatting when Williams walked up.

Several Twitter witnesses reported that Dykstra extended his hand to Williams, but that Wild Thing pushed it away.

A tweet from @realphillyink reported that "Mitch slapped his [Dykstra's] hand away and pushed him and said to Dykstra get the [bleep] out of my way. Dykstra said 'Mitch I was just trying to say hi.' "

There were also reports that Daulton had to step in between Williams and Dykstra, but a witness told that wasn't the case.

That witness, identified as "Jeff," shot video that appeared on the website.

According to "Jeff," the footage begins right after Williams slapped Dykstra's hand away.

Wild Thing asks Daulton, who has brain cancer, how he's feeling.

The two chat and Wild Thing begins to walk away. At that point on the video, it's difficult to tell if Williams says something to Dykstra, but Lenny says, "Hey, don't apologize."

Williams then walks back toward Dykstra and says, "Dude, it's on camera. All you do is run your [bleeping] head."

Just like old times.

Twenty years ago the three played on a team that lost the World Series to Blue Jays when Williams served up a walkoff home run to Joe Carter.

That moment never set well with Dykstra, who 2 years ago told NBC10's John Clark that he kept in touch with all of 1993 Phillies teammates, "except Mitch."

"After what he put me through . . . torture, [bleeping] torture," Dykstra told Clark. "The guy hit barrel after barrel. He lost the World Series."