Talk about branding.

Soon, fans will able to scorch a big 'P' - in the Phillies logo font - onto toast.

No, we're not being wry. Use white or whole wheat, you like, although the 'P' might be hard to see on pumpernickel.

Yes, an actual Phillies toaster is one of many new novelty items fans should find this season at the Majestic Clubhouse Store at Citizens Bank Park, most of them by April 1.

"Now that's a hot item," said Francis Winkey, retail manager of the shop.

Except that the $45 gadget won't be along till after mid- May - sadly too late for Mother's Day.

Maybe Father's Day?

Dad better burn with devotion for the Fightin's. Otherwise, it might make him steam.

A "cool" item would be the new "individual beer floatie," Winkey says.

"You put your can of beverage of choice in this inflatable ring, I imagine, Phillies-branded, and it would float in the pool next to you," Winkey said.

Phillies "swimmies" - inflatable armbands for kids to use in pools - could also surface, but closer to summer.

Before play resumes in early April at the park, however, almost all of the following should be found:

A singing rally monkey. A tire cover. A truck-hitch cover. Salt-and-pepper shakers in the likeness of the Phillies garden gnome - and his wife. Phillies vs. Mets Connect Four (a followup to Phillies vs. Mets checkers). More types of handbags. More jewelry. Umbrellas. A Phillies Rubik's Cube.

Plus a "retro" garden gnome.

"It's a full-size garden gnome in a 1980s uniform," Winkey said.

Fans might find some of these in other outlets, too.

"They're certainly not all exclusive," Winkey said.

Also new, but not a novelty item, is the lightweight "Flex Fit" batting practice cap, with "high-tech mesh" for "vapor management."

"It will wick the moisture off your head," Winkey said.

Players will wear these hats during spring-training games, and in batting practice during the regular season, he said.

The Majestic Clubhouse Store is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday year-round.

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