Baseball Notable

The Toronto Blue Jays have been forced to revise a television commercial featuring

Frank Thomas

after the ad drew objections from the Television Bureau of Canada, a regulatory body for private broadcasters.

A 30-second spot that shows the 6-foot-5, 275-pound designated hitter taking part in a pillow fight with two young boys was edited to remove a scene in which Thomas knocks one of the boys off a bed and onto the floor.

Thomas leaves the room with a smile on his face as the youngster gets to his feet and says, "Wow."

Laurel Lindsay, vice president of marketing for the Blue Jays, said Thomas and the child still exchange pillow blows in the edited version, but the child is not knocked to the floor. Instead, he pops into the air when struck.

The new commercial also features a disclaimer reading "Dramatization. Do not try this at home."

The Television Bureau of Canada also demanded that the word "Dramatization" be added to another Blue Jays commercial featuring pitcher A.J. Burnett. In that spot, Burnett is late putting his garbage on the curb, arriving as the truck pulls away. Burnett tosses his trash into the departing truck, skimming the head of one of the workers in the process.

The ads were created by the firm Publicis Toronto.

The Arizona Diamondbacks added righthander Micah Owings to their 25-man roster so he could start tonight against the Washington Nationals in his major-league debut.

The Yankees' Robinson Cano said he had never batted leadoff before last night's game - at any level - and vowed he would continue his aggressive approach at the plate. "Nine, one, after the first inning, it doesn't matter anyway," said Cano, who led off with an infield hit and scored New York's first run against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Greg Maddux, who turns 41 on April 14, will start the home opener for the Padres in San Diego tonight, when the team will hoist a banner commemorating its 2006 National League West title.

David Wells, who turns 44 on May 20, will get the call for his hometown team tomorrow night.

- Inquirer wire services