Stevens' Quick Hits

On what players should be doing during this all-star break: "This is a time to catch up and get some work in and come off the all-star break more prepared and stronger. I think it's important to be productive during this time off."

By the Numbers


States that will offer specialized Flyers license plates.


Games goalie Antero Niittymaki has lost in a row.


Don Beaupre's all-time goalie losing streak.


Derian Hatcher's season-high ice time Saturday vs. New Jersey.


Games Denis Gauthier has missed after shoulder surgery.

Coming Up

The Flyers will resume play after the all-star break with a home game at the Wachovia Center on 1 p.m. Saturday against the Rangers, then leave immediately after for Atlanta.

Rookie Watch

Montreal's Guillaume Latendresse leads all right wingers with 10 goals, 23 points.

Strange but True

Flyers assistant coach Craig Berube used to like to scare people with his toothless smile. Having lost some weight in the face, Berube now looks like the vampire Nosferatu.

When Trailing

After two periods, the Flyers are 0-25-1.

When leading after two periods, the Carolina Hurricanes are 17-0.

On this date

In 1996, the Flyers picked up Dan Quinn from the Ottawa Senators for cold, hard, U.S. dollars.


Peter Forsberg on what he would be thinking if he were Flyers management and wanted to re-sign him: "I wouldn't re-sign myself, either."

Foppa's Foot

Forsberg left for Sweden after Saturday's loss at New Jersey. He will spend the break meeting with Peter Hedstrom about his right foot.

"He has his own shop back home and his clinic," Forsberg said. "It's not the only reason I'm going. We've been in business for four years now."

All-Star Break

Jeff Carter says the break can be put to good use. "For myself, I look forward to it. I can get away, clear my head, and come back. It's not a new start, but it's almost like another season. We'd have . . . 30 games left to try to approach it a 30-game season and come out above .500."

From the Bench

The numbers say the Flyers are still within striking distance of the playoffs - if you consider being 23 points behind the eighth playoff seed "striking distance."

It's time for the organization to change its approach. It's time to start focusing on moving some players at the trade deadline who can bring value in a draft pick or a player in return. It's time to start playing certain younger players, such as Ryan Potulny, to see if the team can accelerate their development.

Flyers' Plus/Minus

Plus-Minus is a look at the last week's games and an evaluation of points earned based on reality and expectation. Example: If the Flyers are expected to win a game, and they win, 7-0, the evaluation would be EVEN. They were expected to get two points and they got two points. There is no extra credit for a rout. If they are expected to lose and manage a win, even in overtime, a PLUS-2 is awarded. The goal is to provide a weekly and season assessment before the playoffs - assuming this team makes the playoffs.

Because the Flyers are having such a poor season, expectations are based on what they are capable of doing week to week, game to game. The expectations change if the team improves. Because we determined in preseason that the Flyers would underachieve, the expectations are lower for this club.

Thursday vs. N.Y. Islanders

A 4-2 loss to the Islanders, the Flyers' ninth straight loss at home. A delay-of-game penalty that should not have been called gave the Isles a 5-on-3 power play to start the third period, and they made the most of it. The Flyers could have beaten this team, but their energy waned from having to kill far too many penalties. MINUS-2.

Saturday at New Jersey

A 4-3 shoot-out loss at New Jersey in which goalie Antero Niittymaki loses his 15th straight game. The Flyers put up a good effort but still lose at the Meadowlands and go into the all-star break with an eight-game losing streak. Ryan Potulny scores his second goal in three games. PLUS-1.

For the week: MINUS-1.

For the season: MINUS-9.

The Flyers have 27 points. They should have 36 points.