While Birds fans have been celebrating the Eagles' historic Super Bowl victory for the past week, 1,500 miles away, the Dallas Cowboys are miserable. As Dallas Morning News reporter David Moore described it, the mood in Big D last week was "abject depression with a side of shattered dreams."

In Dallas, no one is more unhappy than owner Jerry Jones, who told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram the Saturday before the Super Bowl, "The muffled voice you have been hearing is me screaming in my pillow over not being here and seeing Philadelphia."

Jones added that he felt "uncomfortable" about the Eagles' success and indicated that he wanted changes, though he didn't make any moves after the Cowboys' 9-7 season to shake up the coaching staff.

"The intent was to do as much as we could from within," Jones said. "We wanted to have a lot of change, but keep the consistency with the coordinators. We are finishing up like we designed it from my perspective."

Among those taking satisfaction in Jones' words was Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith, who greeted Jones' misery with a series of laughing emojis on Twitter.

Of course, screaming into his pillow is becoming pretty familiar to Jones, who told reporters back in 2016 he hates it when someone other than the Cowboys is playing in the Super Bowl.

"I hate it," Jones told reporters at the 2016 NFL Honors ceremony. "It makes you want to just empty your bucket to get in here and have this kind of experience. We feel that way. It's deliberate."

Jones had the opportunity to sign Nick Foles during the Cowboys' 2016 training camp, when the Cowboys needed a veteran backup behind then-starter Tony Romo. Instead, they signed Kellen Moore, who never developed and spent last season on the practice squad.

"We know Foles pretty well," Jones told reporters at the time. "We like Moore."

But ahead of the Super Bowl, Jones refused to acknowledge that Foles might have helped the Cowboys, telling reporters, "I'm really proud of that decision."

"I had no idea what Jerry said," Foles said the week before the Super Bowl. "I am in the Super Bowl and I am grateful to be an Eagle."

There might be more pillow screaming for Jones in the near future. According to former Cowboys scout Bryan Broaddus, the Eagles have enough depth to cause the Cowboys significant problems in the immediate future.

"I have a feeling they'll win once again, continue to try and be aggressive in their trades, their acquisitions," Broaddus said on Dallas sports talk radio. "Their pro department did a real good job of adding some guys on some bottom fishing deals, and those guys wind up getting extensions, so tip of the cap for that."

Jones isn't the only member of the Cowboys disappointed and angry about the Eagles' win. The night before the Super Bowl, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott told 6ABC's Jamie Apody that he's "anti-Eagle" and said he was rooting for the Patriots, adding if anybody in the NFC East were to win the Super Bowl, it's going to be the Cowboys.

Whoops. If Prescott had consulted with David Moore, he would have discovered that it has been 22 years since the Cowboys have last held a Lombardi Trophy. In fact, only six franchises have fewer postseason victories than the Cowboys (three) since 1996. Just for the sake of comparison, the Eagles have the sixth most, with 13.