Nick Foles has gotten the upper hand on Tom Brady once again.

Data released by the  NFL Players' Association shows that Foles' storybook journey from backup quarterback to Super Bowl MVP has paid dividends this offseason in yet another way. He is the No. 1 driver of NFL merchandise sales from March 1 of this year to May 31.

The merchandise includes photography products, which Foles was the leader in. Foles has enjoyed an offseason full of accolades. He is now a best-selling author and was awarded an ESPY Wednesday night for the best championship performance in 2018.

Carson Wentz finished third in the rankings, and Brady finished second. Oddly enough, he led in pet merchandise sales.

Rookie Giants running back Saquon Barkley is the leader in jersey sales, ranking No. 4, which is the highest in his draft class. Wentz came in at No. 2 in jersey sales.

Here are the other Eagles who cracked the top 50 product pushers:

Zach Ertz, No. 13

Alshon Jeffery, No. 33

Brandon Graham, No. 34

Fletcher Cox, No. 46