The 2018 NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors could be over as early as Friday. Will the winner of the series — and let's be real, it looks like it'll be the Warriors — take the customary visit to the White House?

Not a chance, LeBron James says.

"I know whoever wins this series, no one wants an invite [to the White House]," the Cavaliers star said Tuesday.

When Golden State's Steph Curry was asked about Trump's actions, his response was simple: "I agree" with James, Curry said.

After winning the 2017 NBA Finals over the Cavs in five games, Warriors were invited to celebrate at the White House. That invitation — not unlike the Eagles' — was pulled after a number of players vacillated on attending.

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Trump pulled the Warriors' invitation just a day after a rally in Alabama where he had called for NFL players to be fired if they kneeled during the national anthem.

James and Curry spoke to the media ahead of Wednesday's Game 3 in Cleveland, when the Cavs will try to claw back from a 2-0 deficit in the seven-game series.