The Eagles have not made a transaction throughout training camp. The last time they added or cut a player was May 19, which is the longest stretch in the NFL. Since Howie Roseman became general manager in 2010, the Eagles had not gone more than three days into training camp without making a move until this preseason.

One major reason is the relative health of the Eagles. Some moves in camp are made because of necessity, with depth thin at positions because of injuries. The Eagles have not lost a player for an extended period. At this time last year, three players had already suffered torn knee ligaments.

The other factor is that the Eagles seem to be intrigued by their roster. There wasn't any shuffling leading up to camp.

"We haven't played a preseason game, so in terms of making changes and really evaluating these guys, you're only able to evaluate them off of practice," Roseman said Wednesday. "You'd like to get them into a game to see where you are and maybe [find out] what you think you need or what you're looking for."

Roseman said the Eagles looked at what was available after their spring camps and did not think there were upgrades for their 90-man roster. The procedure has not changed in the front office, where the waiver wire is analyzed each morning and each preseason game is evaluated.

"We're trying to upgrade, we're trying to get better at every spot," Roseman said. "We're trying to have the best possible 90-man, the best possible 61, the best possible 53 when there's opportunities to do it. But at the same time, to change for change's sake doesn't make a lot of sense, either. It's not the right message."

Longer extra points

In the first two weeks of the preseason, extra points will be attempted from the 15-yard line. The NFL is experimenting with the change after a 99.6 percent success rate in 2013. So what was once a 20-yard attempt is now a 33-yard attempt.

"It's pretty hard to miss from where the extra point is," Eagles kicker Alex Henery said. "It's just a little bit farther. As long as it's not windy, it should be pretty makeable."

Coach Chip Kelly said he did not expect strategy to change - the two-point conversion remains from the 2-yard line - because teams will want to evaluate their kickers.

"The statistics will tell you when you back it up, the percentages aren't as high as what they were," Kelly said. "I think they should narrow the goalposts if they want to make it a little bit [tougher], but no one asked me."

Henery agreed with Kelly that narrowing the goalposts would make the kick more of a challenge. Henery has made 116 of 117 extra points in his three-year career.