DONOVAN MCNABB has a message for all those who think he doesn't work hard enough.

"Come to Minnesota. Pack up your big jacket and your headwear and come watch me," he told NFL Network's Andrea Kremer in an interview that aired yesterday.

McNabb, who told Kremer he should "absolutely" still be the Vikings starting quarterback, was replaced by rookie Christian Ponder after leading the team to a 1-5 record. Soon afterward, NFL Network's Michael Lombardi, citing sources, reported McNabb had questionable work habits while with the Vikings, the Redskins and the Eagles.

"It's total BS," McNabb told Kremer. "And even last year [with the Redskins] I was one of the first ones in the building and the last to leave. And the same here. I'm upstairs after watching film and going to meetings and I'm eating dinner with coaches, and then going back and watching more film, so for something like that to come out is ridiculous.

"Everyone focuses on my position. I'm the one who either gets the most credit or the most blame. We should be sitting here, I'll be honest, at about 4-3 or 5-2. We had games that we should have won, but we just didn't. Now is it the quarterback position? Hey, I'll take the blame for it."

Whoa! Did McNabb just say he'd take the blame? And you thought there would be snow in October before that happened.

Alas don't get too excited. It wasn't long until - when talking about why he was replaced - McNabb reverted to his old self.

"A decision was made from [coach] Leslie [Frazier] and we talked about a lot of things that were going on - and a lot of things we keep in house. But [Frazier] also referred to a lot that is not just me at the position. You know there are a lot of problems on this team."

Funny, the team didn't seem to have many problems yesterday.

Ponder, making just his second NFL start, went 18-for-28 for 236 yards and no interceptions to lead the Vikings to their second win of the season, a 24-21 victory over the Panthers.