Excerpts from Thursday's Ask Gonzo chat on Philly.com with columnist John Gonzalez:

Comment from John going going GONZOOOO: I had to pick up Marshawn Lynch this week because one of my running backs had a bye and I only have wideouts on the bench. Do you know of any other sleepers at RB I can scoop up?

Gonzo: There aren't a whole lot of sleepers left at this point in the season, but you might want to take a chance on John Kuhn since Brandon Jackson hasn't lived up to expectations. If BenJarvus Green-Ellis is still available in your league, you obviously want to snatch him up. I also think Ryan Torain gets some carries down the line if Clinton Portis doesn't hold up, and Chris Ivory in New Orleans might be worth a look now that Reggie Bush is injured.

Comment from P-Dub: Is Brandon Jackson even worth playing at this point? He has looked pretty bad the last two games for Green Bay.

Gonzo: Yeah, people who grabbed Jackson and thought he'd provide the same production as Ryan Grant have been disappointed. He hasn't looked so hot, and the carries last week against Chicago were almost even between him and John Kuhn. Jackson is a flex at this point. If you're thinking about him as an RB1 or RB2, you're probably in trouble.

Comment from Geo: [Jeremy] Maclin, [Mike] Sims-Walker, or [Jabar] Gaffney . . . Which one of those guys is my best option for the flex position?

Gonzo: Washington is 31st in the NFL in passing yards allowed per game this season. And Maclin and Michael Vick have obviously developed a solid rapport that's resulted in several TDs for Maclin. I can't imagine sitting Maclin. He's been a top-20 guy since Vick became the starter.

Comment from Shady McCoy: Would I be a fantasy stud if my coach gave me more carries?

Gonzo: You're already a must-start, Shady. But, yeah, if you were a lock to get 15 carries and six or seven targets each game, you'd be a top-eight guy week in and week out.

Comment from The Big Question: McNabb or Vick as my starter this weekend?

Gonzo: Vick. No question about it. As I said, the 'Skins have been dreadful against the pass. Combine that with some rushing yards and you have another big day in the making for Seven.

Do we start calling him Seven now the way we called McNabb Five? We need a ruling on that.

Comment from Phan: Do I start Ray Rice this week vs. Pitt? I have Beanie [Wells], [Peyton] Hillis, Ben-Ellis, [Ken] Darby, Torain.

Gonzo: I'm in the same position you are, Phan. I have Rice, who's been somewhat of a disappointment this season even when he was healthy. Now he's banged up. He didn't practice yesterday, but he told the media that he should be good to go. Even if he was at full strength, I don't like the matchup for him against Pittsburgh.

Starting Beanie and Hillis isn't a bad idea. I'd probably run Rice out there, too, if you play in a flex league, but I wouldn't expect much from him.

Comment from Yellow Fever: Miles Austin's on a bye . . . Who do you like better, Louis Murphy or Demaryius Thomas, for this week and moving forth?

Gonzo: Like Murphy a lot. The guy has become the primary target in Oakland since Gradkowski became the quarterback. But he's also a little banged up. Check him on Sunday. If he plays - and it looks like he will - start him.

Comment from Rex Ryan: What do you think about [LaDainian] Tomlinson so far? He has to get more carries this week with the way [Shonn] Greene is playing, right?

Gonzo: I hate him because I drafted Greene. And I hate you, Rex, for putting me in this position. You should refund my league fee.

Comment from Tim Riggins: Can't call Vick 7 . . . That nickname belongs to Matt Saracen.

Gonzo: Well played. Tell Minka I say hello.

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