Thumbs Up

To the developing bromance between two of the top quarterbacks in the draft, Oklahoma's Sam Bradford and Texas' Colt McCoy. Bradford and McCoy have become good friends despite playing for hated college rivals. "Obviously, there's a huge rivalry between Oklahoma and Texas," Bradford said. "But me and Colt, we've gotten to know each other. We're good friends. So I think it's good that you actually have someone that you can talk to about this whole process and go through it together."

Thumbs Down

To the latest example of the decline and fall of responsible journalism in the blog-and-twitter age. At the end of Tim Tebow's interview session with about 100 reporters the other day, the too-good-to-be-true quarterback politely handed back all of the tape recorders that were on the podium, then asked if there was anything he could do. A reporter from an Oklahoma newspaper jokingly handed him his notebook and said, "Yeah, could you take some notes for me?" Tebow played along, grabbed the notebook and scribbled in it. Well, a guy in the back in the room who didn't hear the exchange, thought the reporter had asked the quarterback for his autograph and wrote it on his blog without checking his facts. Next thing you know, an Associated Press reporter who should know better picked up the blog item and ran with it. Then and put it on their Web sites as fact. *

- Paul Domowitch