As expected, the Eagles will take advantage of a provision in Michael Vick's contract and won't release the quarterback before a Wednesday deadline guarantees him $3 million, sources close to the situation said.

The clause permits the Eagles to keep Vick on the roster until the start of free agency on March 12 without having to pay the guaranteed figure as long as another team picks him up or pays him more than $3 million.

Wednesday was once thought to be D-Day for Vick and the Eagles, but the provision buys new coach Chip Kelly some time before he has to make a decision on the 32-year-old quarterback.

The Eagles are not expected to bring Vick back at the $15.5 million salary in his contract. It is unclear if either side would be willing to renegotiate. Vick will have suitors if the Eagles release him. The Birds also have Nick Foles under contract.

Vick would seem to fit the style of offense Kelly ran at Oregon. The quarterback is coming off a concussion that sidelined him for five games, however. It was his second concussion in two seasons, and he has missed 11 games because of injuries in the last three seasons.

Foles, a pocket passer, would not seem to make sense in Kelly's offense, but the coach has praised the second-year quarterback and said he would cater his offense to the strengths of his players.

If the Eagles decide to keep Vick past March 12, that does not necessarily mean he will be on the roster for the opener. They could try to trade Vick, however unlikely, or they could keep him on the roster through training camp and the preseason as a backup plan and then cut him.

Or Kelly could keep him because he has no better options or because he needs someone to take the bullets for one season as another young quarterback learns the system.

The Eagles have been in contact with Dennis Dixon, who was on the Baltimore Ravens practice squad, according to the quarterback's agent.

Dixon, who played under Kelly at Oregon, spent the last season working on the scout team for the Super Bowl champions. His contract has expired and he is free to sign with any team.

His agent, Jeff Sperbeck, told the Baltimore Sun that he was in talks with the Eagles "about potentially working out a deal for Dixon." NFL rosters are expanding and teams are adding bodies. Kelly's bringing his former quarterback in for a look-see and to perhaps aid others in learning the system would make sense.

Dixon, 28, was drafted in the fifth round by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2008. He has played in only four NFL games and has not suited up for one since 2010.

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